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A mid level exec has lapsed into a coma after an unwise deep dive into the sewer levels of the net. When he came back up, it was with a permanent look of horror and endless babbling about “the woman”, yelping in terror at random moments, reacting to something that no-one else could see.

He’s actually infected with the BANSHEE virus. It hijacks the carrier’s audio and visual implants, terrorising them until their brains overload and shut down.

Unfortunately, this particular exec has some valuable data stored within his failing grey matter. His employer, knowing that he may have been tempted to sell access to this information to the highest bidder, buried their secrets in the depths of his subconscious and encased them in a shell of his deepest, most ingrained fears.

The party’s job is to jack into his skull and retrieve the data before complete neural collapse. The company will provide them with a code to access the information on the secure terminal. Appropriate payment will be made upon completion of the job. By way of additional incentive, should the exec die before the information is extracted, the party will be left connected to the smouldering wreck of his mind, until theirs too are consumed by the virus.

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsbanshee, Creepy, Cyberpunk, cy_borg, Horror, irish, mythology, One-shot, Tabletop


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