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A minor security intervention in the neighbouring district of Bigmosse has inadvertently spilled over into Svärta.

Alliansen’s head of security operations, a Ms. Ah, has instructed you to retrieve one of their drones that was damaged and wandered off.

The drone was built for urban combat situations and is modelled after a panther, allowing for greater freedom of movement around ever changing terrain.

Ms. Ah will be careful not to give the party all of the drones specifications.

As it is an extremely costly asset, she provides you with a shut off key that must be inserted into a port concealed beneath the drone’s whip like tail.

If you can avoid collateral damage in Svärta, all the better.

It has engaged auto repair systems and is currently hiding out in the abandoned and forgotten building at 15. Power is still being supplied to this building and the drone is using it to recharge itself.

Alliansen can not track it.

The building and adjacent alleyway are now its territory.

It will defend them zealously.


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